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Today's buildings require sophisticated mechanical and electrical systems to optimize performance and support occupants' health, comfort, safety and security. We have the expertise to design building systems that can provide significant cost and energy savings as well as create a smarter environment overall.

It takes experience and technical expertise to fully integrate electrical and mechanical systems during construction or renovations – and we have both. We’re always sourcing leading edge approaches to designing modern building systems and consistently seek out more efficient ways to do our job.

Our seasoned team of electrical and mechanical engineering consultants work in tandem from start to finish, ensuring an integrated approach to creating or renewing your building systems and tailoring them to the unique needs of your organization. Our team takes pride in anticipating problems and being responsive and available to promptly address any concerns.

Our building systems solutions include:

  • HVAC, Plumbing and Controls
  • Environmental controls and automation
  • Efficient water/gas management
  • Power and Communication Systems
  • Life Safety and Security Systems
  • Building Condition Assessments
  • Construction Management and Administration