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Whether you’re unsure of code requirements, the ins and outs of your product, or simply need help addressing a problem with your fire alarm system, ReLumen Engineering is here to resolve your issues on time, on budget, and with the utmost care.

With extensive knowledge of manufacturers and their systems, we can translate the complicated codes and standards of fire alarm systems, as well as address any product-specific concerns. This also means we can provide unbiased recommendations based on strengths and weaknesses of each system.

We pride ourselves on providing our fire alarm services exactly when and where you need it, and our experienced staff members are always available to answer calls. We also have the ability to travel to remote and out of town locations to answer your needs, and can respond on short notice. Additionally, by involving us early in your project, we can provide the inside knowledge to solve your problems before they can occur.

Our fire alarm design and verification services include:

  • Fire alarm verification inspections
  • Fire alarm replacements
  • Current code modernizations
  • New enhanced system designs
  • Early warning detection
  • Elevator modernizations
  • Mass notification systems
  • Integration with building systems
  • Project management & construction coordination